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Principles of Project Management cover I’m pleased to announce that one of my own projects has just come to fruition. My new book, The Principles of Project Management has just been published by SitePoint. It’s a short book aimed at folks like myself who have come from a technical background and are increasingly finding themselves in need of project management skills — whether to officially take that role or to help make the hard work they put in as developers or designers actually mean something, by ensuring the project is delivered properly.

The book was expert reviewed by Kevin Lawver and Drew McLellan who both did an admirable job of ensuring that the content stayed applicable to all sorts of projects and teams, both big and small. They also bravely took on the role of managementese-weeding and survived with remarkably few lasting scars 😉 Drew has written some thoughts on the book on his own blog. I thoroughly enjoyed working with both Drew & Kevin, as well as the team at SitePoint.

If your interest is piqued, then check out The Principles of Project Management book page or download a sample chapter.

In the interests of full disclosure, I would highlight that all the links are affiliate links — i.e. if you buy the book via that link I will both be able to track it and get something back 🙂

There are two main things I’ve learnt since starting up Make Me A Speaker!:

  1. Write/talk what you know
  2. You need to invest in becoming a speaker, much as you would anything else

As a result, you can see me speaking this Friday at the latest Refresh Edinburgh event.
I’ll be talking about Geek Project Management, which is a topic I feel pretty comfortable speaking on. Although it’ll be similar to the session I did at BarCampLondon2, I’ve got a bit more time and so I’ll be going into more details of how to run a successful project without getting overwhelmed by loads of useless documents and meetings.

Which brings me to the other thing I’ll be talking about to everyone over the next couple of days: we’re in the process of setting up the first BarCampNorthEast as well, so sign up if you’re interested!

UPDATE: Talk is done — if you weren’t able to make it and would like to check out the slides, you can download them from here.

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