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I love this error message — it tells you so much about the attitude to consumers 😉

This latest comic graph over at indexed is absolute genius:

graph showing that sleeping audience members increase proportional to the number of powerpoint slides

All I have to say today is YAARRRRR!!

Hilarious Breakfast Description

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I love the little things that can go wrong when translations are done without nuance. The steak and eggs breakfast described here includes “hash brownies”, giving the breakfast option a rather different character than if it had just had the ubiquitous hash browns…

Is it just me, or does “Together we could upgrade the universe” sound as much like a Microsoft slogan as a Dr Who plotline?

We’ve just been watching Have I Got News for You and they just completely left the normal show structure by the wayside because they got caught up making Pot Noodle jokes.

I didn’t think that sort of thing COULD be funny for 20 minutes … but it was!

One of the things I love most about working in such a multi-cultural, multi-national company is that I get letters from Jesus.

Granted, it doesn’t come up on email as “Jesus, Son of God”, but it entertains me nonetheless 😉