I’ve been in Newcastle all this week, visiting my company’s other main office in the UK. It’s been great trip — I’d not been this far north before and it’s beautiful! The only downside is that I’ve realised how insanely annoying the touchpad on my laptop is. I keep brushing it with my thumbs as I type and ending up typing in a completely different place to where I want to type!

Irritations aside, the reason I had to come up here was because a number of my projects have key users and influencers up here. In order to discuss things properly and to keep people up-to-date on project events, a lot of travel is necessary. As I was on the way up on the train, however, I was thinking about how project blogs might be able to solve some of this.

Good morning everyone! Well, this is my first attempt at the entire blogging malarkey and I mainly want to see if it’s working. I have to admit, I am using Movable Type rather than having written my own software (I’m too busy, unfortunately!) but it’s been quite a hassle to set up, so this test is really needed!