To celebrate the launches of Department for Communities and Local Government and the Department for Transport we decided to make a terraced house (to represent DCLG) and a bus (for DFT).

Frankly I was really worried about this one as it involved a lot more detail work than I’d ever had to do before. I was hugely grateful to Ali (and her much steadier hands!) for help doing the doors and windows and basically all of the finer work on it.

The approach was pretty similar to my previous cakes — I hauled out the trusty vanilla buttermilk cake again and made four rectangular cakes (in roasting pans once more) and then cut them appropriately:

Two cakes roughly shaped into a house and an oblong and half covered in buttercream icing

I used a glass to cut out half circles for the wheels of the bus and then iced over the entire thing, using plenty of buttercream to hold it all together:

Oblong with semi circles on the bottom, vaguely resembling a bus at this stage

After covering both cakes in fondant and then using more fondant cut into shapes to decorate, they slowly took shape. Ali completed them with some fine writing icing touches, from the windows to the numbers on the doors.

Terraced house cake and London bus cake, side by side

And though sadly I was on a train home to Newcastle when the cake was cut, it seems our departmental colleagues did enjoy them 🙂

Colleagues from DCLG and DFT cutting the house and bus cakes