For the public release of GOV.UK, I was asked to make the celebratory cake for the team. With all the folks at GDS and a number of visitors on the celebration day, we needed cake for 250-300 people. Definitely the largest I had ever undertaken!

So first I made 6 large roasting pans worth of my favourite vanilla buttermilk cake — including one which I made gluten free by substituting in Dove’s gluten free plain flour (which for the record is absolutely brilliant!).

Six large cakes laid out in a rectangle

Then covered them with a thick layer of buttercream icing:

Cake with piles of buttercream icing on top waiting to be spread

Once it was all smoothed out…

Cake covered in buttercream icing, smoothed out in 1m x 0.5m rectangle

We covered it in a layer of black fondant icing (which you should DEFINITELY buy ready-made rather than trying to colour it yourself — trust me…):

Ali and Ben both kindly helped out rolling out the white fondant and cutting the letters (in the correct font, of course!):

Letters cut out of white fondant, alongside a craft knife

Culminating in the final product — which looked pretty good alongside the existing 100 days, 50 days and GOV.UK road signs:

Large cake on table with pretend road signs alongside

And just one final shot so you can see the scale:

GOV.UK cake being cut up and distributed