So, I’ve been living in central London Monday to Friday for the past 6 months. It’s been an interesting experience — particularly since I was REALLY not much of a London fan before now and it was one of the things I was most nervous about when I took the new job.

It’s been a real delight getting to know the London I’d never seen before. Previously I’d only ever visited for the day, or the weekend, or sometimes (on one particularly awful trip from Bath to Hull — yes, Hull!) just passing through.

I Love…

  • Walking around. It really is a different city on foot!
  • Sheer variety of food — having three different Vietnamese places to choose from ON MY WALK home is ace.
  • Hearing half a dozen languages being spoken — just on my walk to work in the morning 🙂
  • Being able to pop along to loads more tech/geek events

Still Not So Sure About…

  • People not liking it when you smile at them. Seriously people, it’s OK to smile! Stop looking at me like I’ve escaped my strait jacket ;-P
  • The Tube.
  • The smell. Do you eventually get used to it, or is that why so many more people smoke?

Some Favourites So Far

  • Hawksmoor — for seriously good steak and a nicely affordable lunchtime/early evening/late evening 3 course meal option
  • Fleet River Bakery — good coffee, nice atmosphere (if a little crowded/noisy sometimes) and Most Excellent breakfast butties
  • Banh Mi Bay — their grilled chicken & pate Vietnamese baguettes are proving very hard to resist
  • Sen Viet — best pho I’ve found in London so far
  • The Diner — really tasty hot dogs. And a burger that comes with pulled pork on it. Oh and the pancakes are good. And the ribs. The Diner fries (cajun spiced) are to die for… *Homer Simpson drool noise*

OK, so seems most of what I like about London is the food. Other suggestions?