2011 was not my favourite year. Frankly, it sucked. My immune system recovered after 6 years of severe sleep apnoea had beaten it into the ground. Sounds like a good thing, right? I thought so too, but it meant scar tissue started forming from injuries during those years & nasty stuff started happening. And that the allergies I thought I had grown out of came back like a bad sequel. Prawns 2: This Time There’s Anaphylaxis!

So 2011 will sadly always be the year in which I suffered 28 shoulder subluxations, 2 full dislocations and the permanent removal of shellfish from the menu. Add to that deaths in the family and I’m sure you understand why I’m glad to see the back of it.

I don’t usually do new year resolutions and certainly not public ones. I’m a big believer that it’s our habits that make us – and habits are best changed one at a time, rather than in the traditional big bang, guilt-inducing approach that is enshrined in crappy magazines across the land. For more on the sustainable habits approach, check out non resolutions advice from Dan Pink via Buster Benson.

That said, I’m going to change some major things in 2012. This is going to be a rocking year.

I am going to:

  • Get back to doing what I love and loving what I do
  • Write more, both code & prose
  • Participate more in my community. Geekfolk, I have missed all y’all. Let’s do lunch/coffee/Barcamps/SXSWs/werewolf/geeks-with-guns/stuff yeah? I’ll be looking for you all on Lanyrd and turning up more. Come say hi!
  • Figure out this hypermobility/EDS thing and *kick its arse*

So 2012? Watch out, I’m coming to get ya!