Recently Eric Meyer posted:

“And here’s the worst part, the absolutely darkest most awful painful part of the entire situation: I let them down by being myself.

That tears. It rips ragged claws of paradox across my throat, up my jawline, through my brow.”

I realise that Eric was talking about the pain of finding out that an opinion he truly and honestly held was so abhorred by people he loved and respected, but it struck a real chord with me. Not in terms of having an opinion that people disagree with, but because it is a beautifully poignant description of why coming out is so horribly painful.

When people (whether it be parents, friends, teachers, coworkers or even total strangers) react with anger and pain and hatred to someone coming out, it doesn’t just hurt because what is said or done is hurtful, but because it is a rejection of the true self. They hate you for being yourself. And that cuts deeper than anything.