I’d already posted quite a lot as part of the discussion about the diversity of speakers at conferences. One of the things I said I’d like to see happening more was experienced folks mentoring those aspiring to becoming speakers. That thought got quite a good reaction and so as a result today I set up Make Me A Speaker!

Make Me A Speaker! is a simple site — a wiki where you can get advice, hear from others about their journey to becoming a speaker and also hook up with folks who are interested in mentoring the up-and-comings. For me the real crux of the site is two sections: Need Mentoring? and Got Mentoring, designed to let people put themselves out there to help or be helped. There’s also a Conferences & Opportunities page where I’d hope those conference organisers who really are interested in expanding the potential pool of fantastic, innovative, engaging and excellent speakers will come along and pimp their own events as possible stages.

If you’re interested in helping to nurture new speakers, an aspiring speaker yourself or a conference or workshop organiser wanting to broaden the pool of potential candidates for speaking at your events, please do go along and help make a difference.

As I said in my previous post: “You never know, we might just change the world”.