Most of the rest of BarCampLondon2 was spent geeking out and playing Werewolf. I had personally never played the game before, but having Tom as our moderator definitely helped everyone to get on top of the rules faster. I was an addict by midnight and the fact that there were multiple games running until 4 or 5am seems to indicate I was not alone! My only regret is that I never got to be a werewolf 🙁

Eventually Elly and I grabbed a quiet, semi-dark corner, created a little nest of sleeping bags and caught a couple of hours worth of kip. We were soon up again and having breakfast with everyone. I was terribly impressed with Nat, Ian and Jason continuing to be sociable and chipper and the very definition of the perfect hosts, even when I KNOW they must have had little to no sleep.

For the sessions, I followed the same logic I had on the Saturday (i.e. “everyone here has an equal chance of being interesting, I might as well just pick a room and stay there rather than getting stressed about picking exactly which sessions look most promising”) and just sat in the main Auditorium, attending the following sessions:

  • Sheila Thomson did a great spoof session about how e-Voting is fantastic as it makes every election result hackable. No more pesky democracy!
  • Then Glyn Wintle talked about the Open Rights Group, billed as “the British EFF”. Nice to know they’re there and on our side.
  • Jeremy, Chris, Brian and Ben all did a sterling job of answering Microformats questions and generally fighting the good fight.
  • The final session I attended was an absolutely BRILLIANT talk by David Hayward entitled “AI: Syntax of Emotion”. Really interesting stuff and a great example of why BarCamp is such a great (un)conference — you get to hear about things not necessarily just web-related.

After that there was a bit more socialising and everyone packed off to the pub. Unfortunately, I needed to get to Bristol that night, so I had to wander off pretty much immediately and missed the final drinks. All in all, a fabulous weekend, if rather tiring!

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