I’m currently at BarCampLondon2 having a whale of a time. This morning I managed to make it to the venue eventually (after hitting the snooze button a few times after my 5am wake-up call, I’ll admit…) and am really enjoying socialising with all my fellow geeks.

My presentation seemed to go down quite well — I think I had about 40 people in the session, which given there are about 160 here in total I am VERY chuffed with 🙂 Just hope people found it useful!

So far I’ve seen and enjoyed:

  • Ian Forrester‘s pipes presentation, talking about various different “pipe” concepts and tools
  • Tom Morris talking about RDF — not sure he convinced anyone that Microformats should be jettisoned, but interesting from my POV to see how RDF can be used on the web these days.
  • Guy‘s great session about how test driven development can be very useful when working with outsourced/offshored development
  • Norm!, James, Jeremy, Simon, Steve and Ryan just being silly in their “Ask Me Anything” session. I particularly loved Norm! telling someone that his daughter spending all her time online and never playing outside was not the internet’s fault but his because he’s a bad parent 😉
  • Leeky talking about horrendous over-complication of solutions — very entertaining as well as worrying!
  • James doing an improvisation session
  • Jim Purbrick talking about SecondLife being used as a prototype for real-life innovation
  • Tom Coates doing his Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts presentation, which unfortunately I missed the beginning of but really enjoyed what I did see.

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