For the first time in my life, I’ve decided to make New Year’s Resolutions. I’m not really sure why I haven’t done so in the past — possibly because the new year was usually heralded (for me) by standing in the cold (or rain or snow) in some club doorway, waiting for drunken idiots to be, well, idiotic and making me punch them or kick them out of whatever venue I was protecting that night.

Nevertheless, this year, I will do this resolutions thang. I’m not going to blog the specifics — to be honest they’re pretty boring and I imagine have a significant overlap with the rest of the world’s resolutions. What I WILL do though is blog a couple of cool tools that I think are going to be very useful as New Year’s resolution enablers.

The first is Tadalist just for making a simple list of the resolutions, because it’ll be SO DAMN SATISFYING to tick them off once you’ve achieved them.

The second is Joe’s Goals, which I think is going to be useful for the most problematic aspect of resolutions of any time of year — tracking and recovering from the inevitable lapse. Ben very nicely describes typical “resolution behaviour” — you resolve to do something, have at it energetically for a fortnight, begin to lapse and before you know it, you’re back at resolution time making the same resolution and trying hard to block out that you did EXACTLY THIS LAST YEAR AND FAILED.

Joe’s Goals helps you document your resolutions AND track your behaviour — so you can realise where you’re doing well (typically where you’ve managed to install the routine required) and where you’re doing badly. Hell, sometimes resolutions just aren’t going to get kept — but I think that actively tracking will help you identify that you’re really not trying and either redouble your efforts or make an ACTIVE decision to ditch the resolution or to change it. Less guilt, either way 😉

PS: For a more humorous and hopeless take on this New Year’s resolutions business, you should take a look at today’s indexed.