Elly Leaning Back Against the Pull of the Kites

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Back at the beginning of July, Elly’s company had a corporate fun day, where a bunch of beach activities were organised by Northern Freestyle at Beadnell beach.

Although I was initially apprehensive (not least at being confronted with an entire group of designers & architects!), the whole day turned out to be absolutely fabulous. There was great food, including a sizzling pig, and good company.

The really amazing part was taking part in the activities though. There were sandkarts and buggies and things, but the real fun was the powerkiting. There were instructors on hand who showed us how to work them and we were soon doing loop-de-loops and figures of eight and things. It was so much fun that we’re seriously considering joining the Northumberland Power Kite Club … just as soon as the wedding is paid for and we can buy ourselves some kit 😉