Our Site is on the New Menu!!!!

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As some of you may have noticed, either from the link on the sidebar or through my Flickr photostream, Elly and I run a little tribute site on the side. As the tagline will tell you, it’s “Dedicated to the gastronomic decadence of Newcastle’s most wonderful cafe”. On it, we have been attempting to consume and document every item on the Belle and Herb’s menu — and making pretty good progress.

That is to say until last weekend, when we arrived at the cafe with my family, only to find a completely new menu! Not only had they completed revamped, adding a number of new items so that the goalpost is now FAR in the distance (yum!), but they’d also put our blog address on the new menus!

So, basking in this recognition, I thought I would encourage those of you who might not have seen it yet to go over and look at the site. Don’t worry if you don’t live anywhere near Newcastle — just view it as another reason to come and visit us sometime!