Elaine has tagged me and so I feel I should complete the meme…


1 Year Ago?

This time last year I was busy writing up my dissertation, as part of my final year at Bath. Or to be a little more exact, I was struggling terribly with pain from my RSI and getting very very frustrated with NOT being able to finish all my code to my satisfaction, nor get through the dissertation fast enough.

I was also still reeling from my first SXSWi and really trying to understand how it had changed my outlook on life and (perhaps more severely) the impact that would have on my future job satisfaction.

5 Years Ago?

I was working punishingly long hours in a hotel near Leicester. I was averaging around 90 hours per week, starting a banqueting shift at 11am, working through until 3pm and then taking an hour off before starting a 12 hour bar shift (4pm-4am). All this was in aid of saving up money for university, which I would start in September. Given that it is Easter week, I was probably looking forward to working ridiculous hours and getting double-time on the public holidays. Also, at this time of the morning I had probably just arrived at work and was having a large coffee (made half milk, 4 sachets of coffee, 4 sachets of sugar) in a pint glass.

There were some good people there and I enjoyed working with them, but if I’m honest, at this stage I was probably still very home-sick and wishing I could be back in South Africa.

10 Years Ago?

I was a couple of months in to my first year of high school, at Rhenish. It was very exciting, not only because I was living away from home for the first time (as a weekly boarder), but also because I was being taught by English-speaking teachers for the first time. The primary school I had attended close to my parents’ house was overwhelmingly Afrikaans-speaking and so even the “English” classes tended to be taught by vaguely bilingual Afrikaners. This was not a problem, per se, except that it’s difficult to respect a teacher who can’t spell as well as you when you’re 10 😉

Things were generally going well, especially since the new school provided a chance to turn over a new leaf. I’d been a freak and particularly sullen in primary school; high school gave me the opportunity to be a little more positive and living with people day-in, day-out meant it was really difficult to keep up the angry/sullen facade all the time. This was really the beginning of my learning to talk to anybody, anywhere. A lot of the girls I was at school with I still regard as great friends, even if I am crap at keeping in touch now I’m out of the country, and I must say I miss them.

So Who Am I Tagging?