We’re already in Austin, visiting with our friends before SXSWi. We flew on Friday and enjoyed a great flight, given that we were on a 777 (max capacity 280) with only 79 other passengers. Plenty of room to stretch out for once!

Since then we’ve mainly just been chilling, enjoying the lack of snow (especially as this is happening pretty close to home) and the fantastic food. We even managed to fit in some BBQ yesterday on our way out to San Angelo.

Looking ahead, we’re going to be teaching more geeks to shoot (as we did last year with Mr Willison) , breaking Brad with bread, generally hanging out at SXSWi causing trouble, trying hard to win cool stuff and then getting inked again by the wonderful Karen Slafter. Our lovely hosts (who incidentally make the best fresh pasta in all of Austin) have also managed to score us some VIP tickets to Texas Roller Derby so we will be at the expo bout at the Convention Center later next week as well!

For those who are going to be at SXSWi, whether we met you last year or not, we look forward to seeing y’all 🙂