View from my Hotel Room

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I’m in Belgium at the moment (despite its lack of existence). Brussels, to be exact. I’ve been here pretty much all week on a business trip. The photo is what I see from my hotel room window, which is rather nice really.

Good things about this trip:
— For 3 days I have eaten steak of some description (cooked properly!) at both lunch and dinner 😀
— It’s all rather pretty and old-Europe here.
— I got to meet all sorts of interesting people who are here for the same course, from as far field as Warsaw and Pakistan.

Crap things about this trip:
— I missed Elly‘s birthday today and have felt horribly guilty all week about it. Also, I miss her and Tara terribly.
— I am getting very, very little sleep and it’s starting to take its toll.
— I don’t get to go home until tomorrow evening, as I have to be in London tomorrow.