Seems that my soon-to-be brother-in-law tagged me with a meme a little while ago. Late to the party, but still might be interesting, so here we go:

Four jobs I’ve had in my life
* Nightclub Bouncer (and, on occasion, bodyguard to low-level VIPs)
* Barman (yes, I can juggle bottles whilst making cocktails)
* Tutor (maths, science, latin, history, computing — just not all at the same time!)
* Corporate Whore (of the IT manager variety)

Four films I can watch over and over
* Empire Records
* Tank Girl
* Blade II

Four TV shows I love to watch
* Xena, whether despite or because of its incredible camp value
* Stargate SG-1
* Buffy the Vampire Slayer
* Oh, you meant CURRENT shows? Things like CSI, Law & Order, Charmed and Without a Trace will all catch and retain my attention

Four places I have lived
* Durban, South Africa
* Stellenbosch (near Cape Town), South Africa
* Bath, UK
* Newcastle, UK

Four places I have been on holiday
* Amsterdam, Holland
* Austin, Texas
* Dublin, Ireland
* Mauritius

Four of my favourite dishes
* Ribeye steak (medium-rare) with vlaamse frites style chips and mayonnaise
* Thai red chicken curry with sticky rice
* Deep fried calamari
* Elly’s famous syrup sponge

Four websites I visit daily
* Gmail
* Bloglines
* Flickr
* BBC News

Four places I would rather be right now
* In bed
* Back in South Africa, having a Steers burger with their great spiced chips
* Snowboarding on a mountain slope somewhere. Not that I know how to snowboard, but I’ve been watching a lot of winter olympics just recently and it does look very fun 😉
* In Austin, TX, but I suppose I’ll just have to wait a week!

Four bloggers I’m tagging
I think we’ve all been there and done that, now, so I won’t inflict this on anyone else.

View from my Hotel Room

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I’m in Belgium at the moment (despite its lack of existence). Brussels, to be exact. I’ve been here pretty much all week on a business trip. The photo is what I see from my hotel room window, which is rather nice really.

Good things about this trip:
— For 3 days I have eaten steak of some description (cooked properly!) at both lunch and dinner 😀
— It’s all rather pretty and old-Europe here.
— I got to meet all sorts of interesting people who are here for the same course, from as far field as Warsaw and Pakistan.

Crap things about this trip:
— I missed Elly‘s birthday today and have felt horribly guilty all week about it. Also, I miss her and Tara terribly.
— I am getting very, very little sleep and it’s starting to take its toll.
— I don’t get to go home until tomorrow evening, as I have to be in London tomorrow.

The New Google Maps Logo
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Not to be nasty or anything, but when I first saw the new Google Maps logo a few days ago, I thought that they’d been hacked. At worst, I figured it was some stunt, associated with a national day of which I was unaware.

Still, 4 days have past and I can only assume that Google have DELIBERATELY changed their Google Maps logo to look like a turd.

UPDATE: Seems it’s just me. Not sure what’s going on, to be honest. Perhaps Firefox is having image caching issues as someone suggested.

Elly, Molly and Tara on the beach, with cliffs and church in the background

Elly & Molly & Tara

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As you probably already saw, Molly has been up in Newcastle visiting us. I even managed to get a couple days off work to help Elly show her around, which was fun!

For those of you looking at all the photos thinking “Where the hell ARE they?” this was the rough itinerary:

Mon night — picked Molly up from the airport and scared her by explaining I can’t actually drive a car properly, before somehow getting us home.

Tuesday — drove down to the Angel of the North, then up again to the Quayside, where we saw the Baltic, the Sage and all the bridges over the Tyne. All of that was to work off a monster breakfast at Belle & Herbs.

Wednesday — walking on the beach at Long Sands, Cullercoats, followed by a nice pub lunch a little further up the coast at the Queen’s Head.

For all those who doubt the beauty of a Geordie beach on a February morning, get your ass up here and we’ll prove you wrong!