At first glance, this news story is just a revisitation of the problems of the red squirrel. For those unfamiliar with the issue, red squirrels are indigenous to the British Isles, but fast being squeezed out by the bigger, rougher, tougher, greedier North American grey squirrel.

The ideas being proposed are hardly new to conservation — they’re going to cull a lot of grey squirrels to stop them taking over all the natural habitat of the red squirrel. It’s also suggested that perhaps sterilization drugs should be considered, to curb the population growth of the grey squirrels.

Now, reread that article and instead of reading “squirrels” read “people” instead.

Suddenly, it’s a tale of eugenics and genocide.

Interesting how perspective can change everything, isn’t it?

I’m making coffee and Elly walks in, still sleepy. Our dog, Tara, follows her in, hoping that someone will drop something nice on the floor for her. Elly turns to Tara and exclaims:

“I had a dream about you last night, puppy. You were in a very expensive clothes store and they were trying to kick you out! Little did they know that you were worth 11 million dollars…”

So, there you have it folks. Our dog is officially a millionaire. In Elly’s dreams at least…

Hot cross buns in January

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I went to the supermarket on the 4th of January. The first thing I saw when walking in was this stand, full of hot cross buns.

I thought it was bad when there were Xmas decorations in some stores at the end of August, but Easter in JANUARY??