Another year, another 3 million deaths. Today is World AIDS Day.

According to Avert

  • 40 million people are living with AIDS today
  • Since 1981, 25 million have died of AIDS — 3 million this year
  • Africa has 12 million AIDS orphans
  • 5 million people were infected this year
  • More than 6000 young people (15-24 yrs) are infected EVERY DAY
  • Of the 6.5 million people in developing and transitional countries who need life-saving AIDS drugs, only 1 million are receiving them.

That there is a terrible disease that threatens you, your family, your friends and your neighbours is not the most horrific thing. That I have not yet seen ANYONE wearing a red ribbon today isn’t either. The fact that there are women, men and children out in the world who could be living with this disease rather than dying from it is what is really horrific.

Why do you care? You should care because you are human. Because however far away this problem seems, it isn’t. Check the statistics — even first world countries have big AIDS problems these days. People there are more likely to live a longer, fulfilling life, but they have still contracted a horrible disease. This is no longer just an issue for the gay community. This is no longer an issue just for third world countries. This is all of our problem, all of the time.

What can you do today? Well, take a look at some of these:

  • World AIDS Day — spread the word
  • 46664 is the charity signified by Nelson Mandela’s prison number trying to raise the profile of the HIV/AIDS crisis — donate
  • Avert provides information and services about HIV/AIDS — donate
  • The Terence Higgins Trust has also done a lot of great work over the years in the UK and deserves your support
  • CWAC is the Children With AIDS Charity helps children & their families in the UK if you prefer your donation to stay local
  • On the other hand if you want to support AIDS children in Africa, SOS Children has a comprehensive programme of support for AIDS orphans and those infected at an early age — you can sponsor a child or simply donate

Support World AIDS Day