Recently, there’s been a lot of coverage on British TV of sports that wouldn’t normally be considered as particularly mainstream. I imagine the sad truth behind it is that everything except bowls, darts and snooker has been bought up by cable and satellite channels, but even back 10 years or so I can remember there being lots of late-night coverage of these kind of sports.

What I’m finding really strange is how addictive and compelling some of these sports turn out to be. I mean the rules are pretty weird and involved in a lot of cases. And most of these sports are hardly exciting in the way that, say, a rugby match is. And yet I just keep watching and keep enjoying.

Am I the only one who finds this?

The other strange element of my entertainment calendar is Strictly Come Dancing. Although I enjoyed the first series, we only really got hooked last year. That was a great series, with two very strong contenders in Denise Lewis and Jill Halfpenny.

This year, however, the amazing thing is that we’re only 4 weeks in and already MOST of the couples are getting scores above 28 or 30. There’s also some surprisingly strong male celebrity dancers (Darren Gough, Colin Jackson, James Martin) which is nice to see. It’s increasingly looking like a real competition this year, rather than just a long period of voting out the crap majority and being wowed by one or two exhibiting actual talent.

Strictly Come Dancing is an amazing show, not least because it even makes ME want to learn to dance!