Here’s something that’s been bugging me. Why, when I am uploading multiple exhibits of gastronomic delight to Flickr, has no-one been commenting?

Today I worked it out, after uploading a bunch of photos at the weekend. Essentially the problem is this: normally, when I upload things, I first transfer them as “Private”. This is so I can go through, update the titles, descriptions, tags, etc, without the photos appearing multiple times in my photo feed and annoying the hell out of everyone.

At the weekend, however, I accidentally uploaded everything as “Public” and then went through updating the metadata. Suddenly it’s comment city! So I suppose that there is some kind of annoying feed feature in that if you don’t initially publicise your photos, then when you do so later they aren’t included in your feed either.

Frankly, Flickr, that’s a little crap. Isn’t there a middle way?