Tara is attentive

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I’m going on a business trip tonight. As a result, this is about to happen — Tara (our new dog, who we’ve had for about 8 weeks now) is going to come with Elly to fetch me from work. She recognises my office building and will sit very attentively staring at the entrance until I come out.

When I do she’ll madly wag her tail and go “arooo!” as I come towards the car. There’s a little ritual then when I let her out and give her a treat for waiting so patiently. Then we all get in the car and go home. Same as every day.

Except this time I’ll get home, pack my stuff up and then disappear for the rest of the week. I’m a little worried at how both the ladies in my life will cope.

I imagine you out there will be fine though. Especially since I bestow upon you all these photos of Tara that Elly recently uploaded.

Enjoy! I’ll see ya in a few days.