You know what bugs me? Having to keep track of comments manually. I’m a gregarious kinda gal, so if I read something that I have something to say about, I say it. If there are comments open, then that’ll be my medium of choice. But if I read a bunch of interesting things one day and as a result make a bunch of comments, keeping track of the conversation after that can be a bit difficult!

What I would love is something like Flickr‘s “Comments You’ve Made” page. This show’s you all the photos you’ve commented on, as well as pulling in responses since you last said something. The big advantage is that you can go to one place to follow all the conversations and you also only need to revisit the original page if you particularly want to say something else.

I’ve often wondered why blog comments weren’t anywhere near as “sticky” as forums, emails lists and so on always were. I think a massive part of it is because of the distributed content, it’s much more difficult to keep up with what’s being said. The net effect is less participation, which isn’t much good for anyone.