Yesterday I ended up with a Firefox window within which all the tabs were new or nearly new web apps. I figured I’d do a quick round-up of funky stuff that had appeared in the last year or so, that I think is particularly cool:

  • Gmail — this has seriously revolutionised my use of email. Massive storage, great features, nice UI, all add up to a great user experience. I absolutely hate going back to the desktop email software we use at work. Favourite feature: conversation grouping
  • Bloglines — web-based feed reader. Brings together all the website updates you want to know about in one place. Great way of keeping up with things, but can be difficult to manage the information overload if you oversubscribe. Favourite feature: ability to “keep new”
  • Writeboard — online document collaboration. Haven’t been able to use this extensively yet, but planning it!
  • 43 Everything: first 43 Things, then 43 Places and now 43 People. I think MJ said it best:

    “One login. One id. Multiple obsessive todo/tovisit/tomeet lists.
    Your OCD in me is pleased. “

  • Flickr! — this has changed not only the way I share photos, but how much I use my phone. Thanks to Nat for eventually convincing me!