When Google Talk came out, I have to admit that I wasn’t massively impressed. The IM didn’t seem substantially different (although there are some great little UI details) and it was annoying that noone else seemed to be using it. I liked how well it tied into my Gmail contacts list and so on, but still the benefits didn’t seem overwhelming.

That is to say until the other day, when Elmyra and I needed to talk about something and decided we might as well try to use Google Talk’s call facility.

Firstly, it is seriously intuitive. You literally just click on the call button. That’s it. Secondly, the conversation quality once you’re talking is really amazing. I for one was using a crappy inbuilt laptop microphone and speaker, but with that on my lap the quality was just about as good as when I use my mobile phone. Admittedly, at times there was a little bit of echo, but I imagine had be both been using headsets that would have been mitigated.

The key thing though is that Google have delivered a product that I would happily teach my parents to use. Hell, I’m seriously considering just buying the entire FAMILY headsets for Xmas and giving them a little business card-sized set of instruction as to how to set it up. It’s that simple, I think they would all easily be able to use it, so long as they had the right tech.

The other rather clever thing that is part of the entire Google package is that because I think they’re basically not an evil company, unlike some we could mention, I will happily recommend them. This is because I can trust that it won’t come back to bite me later, when some horrible bit of spyware has ravaged the pc, leaving me spending the entire Xmas vacation reinstalling Windows.

All in all, every new move that Google makes has me thinking they’re just getting smarter and smarter.