This really isn’t a blog about cats. It isn’t even a particularly personal blog a lot of the time — although a lot more “hybrid” than a lot of tech blogs, it’s still pretty far from a Livejournal.

Today, we have an exception.

This morning, Elly & I went to go have breakfast at our usual weekend breakfast place — Belle & Herbs cafe. We discovered it when we originally came up househunting. Along the way we found a cat, who decided to take us for a walk. It was a cute little thing and we stopped and played with it for a bit, then carried on to go have breakfast.

When we got to the cafe, though, we noticed a sign saying someone had lost a young black cat — pretty similar sounding to the one who was trying to adopt us and was following us around. Just then I noticed it trying to cross the road and only barely got to it in time to stop it being squished by a car — the roads around there are pretty busy.

We eventually (with the help of the cafe staff) realised that the cat did in fact have one of those little pendants that holds a scrap of paper with name and address on it and worked out it was not the lost cat of the sign. Since the home was a few streets away, across a few busy roads, we decided we’d take the cat home and then have breakfast.

Unfortunately, just as we got ready to go, the cat decided it had had enough of this game, gave a vicious scratch and jumped out of our arms and went running straight into the street. Watching, horrified, we saw it get hit by two cars in quick succession. I ran out into the road and stopped the third car that was coming just in time and scooped the cat off the road. He was covered in blood, pupils completely different sizes and from the horrendous noises when the cars had hit, I was really worried that he was dying.

A girl stopped and helped us, calling the numbers for the cat’s owners, whilst Elly called our vet and I tried to calm the cat. She couldn’t get through to them, but the second number on the paper turned out to be their daughter, who is now living in Edinburgh apparently. The daughter said she’d make sure her parents knew and we told her where the vets was that we were about to take the cat to.

Just then, the people from the first car that had hit the cat arrived, very distraught. They offered to take me to the vets, since their car was closer than ours. So I got in, cradling the cat which was shedding hair and blood all over me very rapidly. I seriously thought it was going to die in my arms.

Since we had rung ahead, as soon as we arrived at the vets the nurse took the cat in and looked him over. We waited around, a strange crew — the older couple who had hit the cat, myself & Elly and the student who had stopped and helped. After a short while a man arrived, somewhat upset, and explained to the receptionist that he’d got a call from his daughter in Edinburgh to say that his cat had been run over and was here. We all introduced ourselves and explained what had happened. He then went outside to call his wife and daughter and update them.

As he did so, the nurse came out and told us that she thought the cat was going to be OK. He was concussed and evidently shaken up, but had no fractures and apparently the blood was just from a nasty gash on the inside of his mouth. A few hours later I called up and apparently they’d done x-rays and so on and there really wasn’t much wrong. When I talked to them they said he was sitting up and just waiting to have stitches put in the cut in his mouth.

I have no idea how he survived being hit four separate times and thrown a good few car lengths, but I’m glad the little guy is OK.