Every now and again something happens, something small, that makes you realise how much you’ve grown or how much more you know. Since knowledge creeps up on you, it takes a minor revelation before you start feeling like you actually might “get it”. I had a couple of these recently in my new job — queries answered quickly or problems solved, where it was very apparent that a scant few weeks ago I would have taken ages to sort or had no clue about.

Unfortunately, the opposite happened today as well. It appears that my technical ability is ebbing. Nothing made this more clear than my searching for a good half hour for the location of a friend’s blog entries on the web server (she wants to take her blog down, but keep the entries locally for posterity) before I realised that OF COURSE I wasn’t going to find them. The blog was run off WordPress, so all the entries were in the MySQL database and being interpreted rather than stored.

I feel stupid now.