Have come across this story in a number of places, but where I saw it first was over at Ping’s. The Australian news story says:

No longer will a visit to southern Sweden’s Malmo library be restricted to borrowing conventional items such as videos, educational aids and, of course, books.

A homosexual, an Imam, a Muslim woman, a gypsy and a journalist will be among nine people available for members of the public to borrow this weekend. Easy to locate within the Dewey Decimal System, lenders will borrow the human items for a 45 minute chat in the library’s outdoor cafe.

I also like the examples given over at Flooded Lizard Kingdom. I can see that this might be a great inspiration for corporate diversity programmes — rather than everything just being about HR policy and tribunals, let senior management take a member of a minority group out for lunch, to really understand the obstacles they face. Nothing makes prejudice more difficult than dealing face-to-face in a civilized manner with the object of your hatred. And even in much milder situations where the real problem is lack of education, open information-sharing can be extremely powerful.