Maggie Mason, a lady who I rate very highly, has a lovely message on her blog about the London bombings:

“After the London bombings last week, I wanted to offer my condolences to the UK. I am so sorry. All of this is awful, bewildering, and needless, and the rest of the world is as stunned as you must be. We are with you in your grief.” Source

The sentiments are lovely. But I think a lot of people are missing a big point with regard to the London bombings. They were not a surprise. Partly because of what has happened around the world in recent years. Partly because as I mentioned yesterday, London has dealt with terrorism before. In fact, one of the big reactions amongst people my parents’ age in the UK after 9/11 was along the lines of “Well, yes, it’s a terrible shame, but perhaps now the US will stop supplying the IRA with weapons”. Harsh, but nowhere near as bloody stupid as what Fox have to say (no change there then!).

Maggie is right, the people of England are grieving. We think it’s terrible what happened last Thursday. But we are not surprised. We have been expecting this. I think there are two things that are helping the most at this point in time: firstly, we did not think we were invincible. We have been attacked on our home soil before. Secondly, there is an overwhelming feeling that we should be sensible. At last the “stiff upper lip” mentality has a use. People are getting on with their lives — as quickly as they possibly can. Because if we stop, if we falter, then the attack has succeeded. There is outrage in the UK at the news that UK-based American soldiers have been ordered to stay away from London. We must remember and honour the dead, but they would not want us to give in. I am proud of the Londoners taking the tube to work this morning. I hope they are proud of themselves too.