Well, here we all are sitting in a rainbow.

I started my new assignment in Newcastle on the 1st of July, but unfortunately the sore throat & cold that had snuck up on me as soon as exams ended went into spasms at the thought. So I’ve spent the last 10 days miserable, flitting between hospital and hotel and generally unable to breathe. Worst of all, I’ve been completely lacking in net access for over 240 hours!!

Being off work meant I got to watch the tragic events of last Thursday on TV as they unfolded. To be honest, my main feeling right now is pride. People forget that London and England in general have had to deal with many terrorist attacks in the past. I am so impressed at the lack of backlash (so far, fingers crossed), the will to continue life and business as usual and the general sensible-ness of the reactions. These are not my people, but this week I am proud to be among them.

Over the next few weeks lots of things will be going on — I’m going to learn all about my new job and doubtless attend many training courses and meetings where I will understand little of what is going on. Elly & I hope to finalise our house purchase this week and get workmen in to make the place habitable soon. And next week I graduate, which appears to involve dressing silly and prancing around a lot just to get the bit of paper that confirms I got a First. To be honest, I’m more excited about getting the final breakdown of results, but that’s just because I’m sad and don’t particularly like churches, however pretty they may be.

As soon of things start to return to anything like normal, I’m going to talk to you all about developing desktop applications with Python and wxPython, as well as some other interesting bits and pieces from my final year project. Now, don’t be too shocked, but yes we may actually have some technical content here for once! Either that, or you’ll end up having to enjoy a treatise on DIY. I’d hope for the former, if I were you 😉