I don’t know about you, but when I was at school we used to have field trips. These ranged from just going across the road to the church cemetery (to look at the gravestones, I think — the teachers didn’t realise that all the kids hung out there smoking anyway so we’d seen it all before…) to driving all the way to Kimberley to look at the Big Hole. By the time we reached high school some of us were starting to find these interesting (for instance, going around Robben Island and seeing the cells where Mandela and co had been held), but on the whole it was completely wasted on us.

I’m torn between thinking that they shouldn’t have bothered — that only now would I really appreciate going around these historic venues. But then perhaps I will feel the same about going now, in 10 or 20 years’ time. Equally, perhaps only because I went as a child do I now feel that I would like to go again, to look properly.

So, did you enjoy field trips as a kid? Do you think they developed an appreciation for history/nature/science in you, or put you off for life?