Well, my dissertation is finally handed in, so I have resurfaced briefly — until exams set in at least. I am now faced with roughly 2000 blog entries to read, hundreds of emails to catch up on and all sorts of interesting things going on all around! I’m trying to decide whether to just unbold everything and carry on, assuming that I’ve missed the boat on any of the last month’s developments and that anything important will crop up again. This doesn’t feel quite right, but it may well be the only way!

In other news, the final year project, which resulted in the above-mentioned dissertation, brought a lot of interesting concepts to light. The research carried out into planning and the flexible planning methodology developed are both very interesting. I’m currently trying to work out how best to disseminate the work and ideas, so if you have any suggestions, please comment 🙂

Also, on the personal front, Elly & I have found a house up north and had an offer accepted. Thus, extended periods of silence here might be due to exam stress, relocation hassle, the new assignment, graduating or alien invasion. Amuse yourselves making up excuses for me whilst I’m gone 😉