Thanks to the increasingly successful campaign for people to design with web standards, many sites display well in all manner of browsers. I’ve been noticing recently, though, that people are really not testing on different hardware. This is most notable when the site has evidently been designed on a Mac, where the screens are bright and colour balanced.

Some examples that I’ve noticed recently include Simplebits, Stopdesign and Antenna. I was also reading an entry recently (which of course I now cannot find!) where someone had not realised until they used a Windows computer how terribly pink their image header for their blog looked.

I’m sure that many of you are reading this now on a Mac and have visited those sites and your response is “Huh? What’s the problem?” Well, you see all that text that is light against a dark background (like the whole of Antenna and the about bit of the Simplebits site) — it’s illegible. On my Linux laptop, my main desktop and my Windows laptop. Completely illegible. Even if I whack up the brightness completely, I still have to increase the font size for the text to be defined well enough to read.

I understand that one of the things that y’all love (and, if I’m being honest, I do too) about those machines is the crisp, anti-aliased prettiness that results from the screen and the rendering. But I’m sure that sometimes you are all pitching to people not on Macs, who perhaps won’t understand what the problem is. Who will think that you’re muppets, that you don’t understand colour, or that you couldn’t be bothered to test your site properly.

So please, everyone, go find a public library or an internet cafe or something and look at your site on a different machine. Try also to test with a CRT and a LCD. I’m sure you’ll be amazed and perhaps appalled at the difference it can make.

Equally, the opposite does apply and if I’m blinding anyone, please let me know 😉

PS I know you are all really excited about Tiger, but doesn’t EVERYONE need to write multiple blogs posts about their experience?? I mean really? You’re polluting my blogosphere here 😛