[NOTE: Hell, I am sooo bad at writing up drafts. But nevertheless, I figure I should still say this stuff, if only to keep the magic of SXSW alive in my own head for a little longer. Apologies is this is so March by now 😉 ]

Since we were staying with friends in Austin (in exchange for a new website for their fantastic Italian deli and fresh pasta market) and because of jetlag, we didn’t attend all that many of the evening events. Nevertheless, a run-down of my favourites is obligatory, so here it is.

Vox Nox

By far my favourite evening event at SXSWi this year was Vox Nox at the Red Eyed Fly. We had been there the night before, for Fray Cafe 5 (thanks to Jeremy for explaining the first time round and reminding me again by email when my brain turn sieve-like), which was also very entertaining. Vox Nox, however, beat it hands down. From Curt Cloninger doing his punk thing, through Molly managing to get ‘avarice’ into a song lyric, to Eric Meyer making the whole front row cry with his very moving storytelling, it was just amazing.

It of course didn’t hurt that we followed this up with the most fantastic Mexican meal ever, combined with excellent company in the form of Zoom, T and Simon (who shall, according to the Austinites, henceforth be known as Niles or Nigel).

Bruce Sterling Party

Honestly I think the venue for this was a mistake. It was difficult to circulate and meet people, I’m told the beer was crap lite stuff (I don’t drink anymore) and generally it didn’t seem to even resemble the cool parties of previous years that everyone talked about. Nevertheless, we did have some fun. Highlights included getting branded by MJ, getting promoted to the First Team in Quidditch and hanging with the Britpack a little, which we hadn’t done much of previously.

The Really Cool Stuff

The really cool extramural stuff at SXSWi was just hanging out with cool people though. From barbeque on the first day, to having lunch with a table-full of unpresuming but famous people, to hanging out with Molly, Anders and others in the Hilton Bar, performing cunning acts of furniture stealing with Ping just prior to the Web Awards and so on and on. Generally just being surrounded by loads of friendly, smart people was more than enough reason to go all the way to Austin.