I’ve never quite got the hang of backups. I know there are all these great tools out there, but I make lists of ones to look at and then something else rises to the top of the urgent stack and I fail to get around to it. The only style of backup that I have consistently managed is the nuke & pave — when I’m reinstalling, or moving to a new operating system, then I fish out the really important things, am surprised by how little I really can’t live without, burn a couple of CDs and hope for optical media integrity.

I really should have worked it out by now. Likewise, I should have gotten good enough at ssh etc to be able to just transfer files from one machine to another. But still I find myself emailing things across.

I’ve decided to stop feeling bad about it though. I’ve decided to think of it as a human solution. Because now I have 2GB of Gmail storage, every email is just accidental backup.