My watch broke last week. This was a major event for me, since I a) love the watch and b) check the damn thing every 2 minutes because I’m so busy I have to live by the clock. So I sent it in to get sorted (the lovely people at Animal have replaced the broken strap for free twice now, because they think that watch straps shouldn’t break) and they rang me yesterday to let me know what was up with it. I was in the middle of something and so not really in info-receiving mode when I spoke to them. I remember the key points (that my watch is being fixed, that they’re also going to whack a new battery in it and check the mechanism), but not the details (when I’ll get my watch back!!).

So, my personal organic memory has failed me. I wonder though, with Moore’s Storage Law resulting in affordable storage like 1 Terabyte harddrives, how long it will take before my cellphone has the capacity to record every conversation I have automatically, just IN CASE I want to go back and listen to something again.