Following some rather good reviews I saw about a month and a half ago, I’ve finally gotten around to upgrading to WordPress 1.5. It was (relatively) painless, although I am glad that Elly was around to offer advice.

I also moved Lucy across from MT to WordPress, since she’d had a month unable to post because MT was giving some weird error that even Professor Google couldn’t identify. That was a remarkably painless upgrade, except for one irritation — there is a feature that is quite simply broken in WordPress.

The feature I am talking about it the one that lets you have your blog at one address and your WordPress installation somewhere else (say, in a wordpress/ directory). Unlike the 1.2 install process, the 1.5 install no longer offers you the option to specify this at the outset (which did used to work). Now, the only way is to get through the install process and then try to change the location in Options. I did this with Lucy’s blog and NOTHING HAPPENED. I searched around the intarweb a bit, found some discussions, tried some of the solutions and still NOTHING HAPPENED.

Eventually I decided it was just less hassle to delete the install and start over again. I seem to remember that when Elly & I first made the move across from MT to WordPress, there was a similar problem … and a similar solution.

So, Matt and co, here’s my message to you: I love what you’re doing. WordPress kicks ass. I absolutely love using it. But this is a little problem that can be extremely irritating, especially if the user has to resort to reinstalling to get their blog where they want it. Please iron out the wrinkles and then you’ll be WAY unstoppable 😉

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