Molly posted some questions about SXSWi that I thought I would answer here, as a taster for the full write-up I’ll do next week whilst avoiding writing my dissertation back in Blighty.

Which was the most memorable panel you attended?
I think there were two that were equally memorable – “DIY Now, Or Somebody Else Will” and Jason Fried’s “How To Do Great Things With Small Teams”
The most memorable keynote?
Definitely the keynote discussion between Bruce Sterling and Alex Steffen of WorldChanging. I particularly loved the little 3D printed dinosaur!
Do you think that SXSW is more a social or content-oriented event?
It’s strength is that it can be both – you can choose what to focus on and influence mightily what you get out of it
What would you like to see more of at SXSW?
Personally I’d like to see a wider focus. As web applications start to be a real possibility, catching up in usability, functionality & speed, we need to be reaching out to all the application developers that will soon be thrust into a new platform. They’ll be better at it if we help them out
What would you like to see less of at SXSW?
How would you describe your experience overall?
Brilliant!! Thoroughly enjoyed both content & socialising and learnt a great deal in the process. So thankful to Simon for raving about it so much and convincing us we had to be there this year.
What will you remember about the food and drink you had while in Austin?
I am trying to forget all about it, because remembering will make living in the UK absolutely unbearable 🙁
Do you have a “best moment” or two (or ten) that will stay with you forever?
Plenty — but I will cop out and promise to cover this in the write-up next week

Tomorrow morning Elly & I embark on the 21 hour journey home. By Sunday we will hopefully be back in the land of broadband and tea and I’ll start transposing my notes into entries and scribbled notes on the back of napkins into quote collections. There will also be much sharing of pictures of geeks with guns!