Well, SXSWi is over and we’ve all barely recovered enough to start thinking of what else to do in the few remaining days we have in Texas. I’ll talk about that in a moment, but firstly, hello! to all those visiting for the first time as a result of meeting me at the conference. I know you’re there … the percentage of Mac visitors in my webstats has jumped from 0.5% to 6%!! 😉

As for the rest of the holiday — well, firstly we’re going to get tattooed this afternoon by the wonderful Karen at SouthSide Tattoos who on my last trip to Austin designed my first original tattoo (a wolf). Tomorrow we’re probably going to go find a shooting range and teach Elly and Simon to shoot. It should be fun and there may be photos.

On Saturday we’ll embark on the long, sad trip back to the UK. It’s been such fun this year and we’ll hope to be back again in 2006. Until Sunday we’re on dialup ‘net access, so few proper updates until then, but next week I’ll aim to post my notes from the various sessions attended and some other observations about the goings on over the last few days.