I don’t think I’ve already mentioned that Elly and Simon and I are all going to be attending SXSW Interactive this year. We’ll be in Austin from Friday until the following Saturday, with much fun, tech and guns in between times (with any luck!).

But firstly, let’s diverge into a mild rant. My (UK) passport is valid until May this year. Since we’re only going for 10 days, all of which are thoroughly contained within the month of March, it did not occur to me that my passport expiring 2 months after we return could possibly be an issue. I was, however, mistaken. In order to visit the USA your passport has to be valid for 6 months after you are due to return. Why, I do not know (if anyone does, please fill me in!).

So now I have 4 days to get myself a new passport. Given the (bureaucratic) state of most government services in the UK, I thought this meant that my trip was cancelled. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was in fact a fastrack application method and for the princely sum of 89 pounds and the hassle of going to Newport (of all places!) I should find myself in possession of a new passport by the end of Wednesday.

For anyone else in the same situation, I hope that you get yourself sorted in time too! Incidentally, are any of you going to make it to Austin for the conference?