• Rands describes his Nuke & Pave backup and reinstall approach. I think there’s a lot of value in this kind of discipline, which many of us (me especially!) just don’t have. That said, when I’m reinstalling an OS it’s often a crisis situation, so everything just gets backed up. I’m much better at Nuke & Pave in the real world — where it’s probably better described as Chuck Or Save.
  • There’s a great discussion over at WorldChanging about the dilemma of cheap computing power for the developing world. Especially interesting are the thoughts about taking modern cellphones and giving them more computing usefulness, rather than trying to furnish everyone with $100 laptops
  • In a Spolskyesque piece, Signal Vs Noise denounces Functional Specs. This kind of “heresy” is increasingly visible nowadays, as software development moves from a focus on process to a focus on product.
  • Lifehacker covers some cool Firefox extensions
  • Massive article on what makes a good games designer, from a programmer’s viewpoint — long, but interesting read; via Athena’s Legacy
  • Interesting article with the (female) lead designer on Playboy: The Mansion, including the fantastically apt comment:

    “If you’re going to animate breasts, animate them properly,” admonishes Brathwaite. “The breasts in the original Dark Alliance drove me nuts. If my breasts moved like that, I’d go to the doctor…or call an exorcist.”

  • Google’s 70-20-10 product formula. Interesting to see their “random experimentation” goal called out so explicitly as a percentage of total effort