One of the things that I love about some of the new web apps (e.g. Gmail and even the editor in WordPress) is that the Undo shortcut WORKS (Ctrl-Z in Windows/Linux). If I paste an URL into a post I’m writing, I can Ctrl-Z and it disappears again. Similar useful things in Gmail. I’ll admit I’m not sure whether this is new, or just something that the desktopness of the Gmail UI has led me to start trying. But I digress. The point is that I wish that Undo would work in Firefox. So often I get a bit twitchy over the old Ctrl-W (close tab) shortcut and suddenly remember that I wanted to check the referrer or to read the next entry or something, just as I close the tab I’ve been reading. I really wish that I could just undo this using Ctrl-Z, rather than having to go back, view History or give up completely (for instance, if I was interested in the referrer, opening from History isn’t going to help me).

Are there plugins for this? Or is there an easy way of just doing it? Anybody else got the same pet peeve but done more to sort it out? 😉