Tomorrow is my first exam of the first set of finals I will take this year. My learning style has always relied heavily on learning as I write notes, spurred on by panic induced by having no clue what the course is about since I typically have missed most lectures (believe it or not, sometimes there’s even a good reason). I am lucky in that I am quite capable of swallowing a syllabus at the last minute and still performing reasonably well in the exam.

Unfortunately this year there’s the added issue of RSI. My department and the people over at Learning Support have been lovely and understanding. I’m even taking my exams on computer, so that solves the combination of my hand cramps and horrific handwriting in one swoop. The only bit that wasn’t factored in was that I wouldn’t be able to make revision notes for more than about 10 minutes at a time without my hands seizing up. I’ve tried typing them but I just don’t learn anything when I do that.

I am soooo screwed.