So, now that Civil Partnerships are legal, having received Royal Assent on 18 November, we started planning for our wedding. We’d been engaged for quite some time already and so were hoping that we could have the big day sometime at the beginning of October 05. I started ringing round local councils, to find out when the ceremonies would start. After the events in America, where I understood they basically started happening immediately, I thought that planning for 11 months after the law was passed was quite reasonable.

Not so, it appears — the people at Bath register office kindly helped me contact the General Register Office (who haven’t got back to me yet); whereas the lovely people at Newcastle’s Register Office (who, amusingly, kept calling them same-sex marriages) assured me that we could have a commitment ceremony any time, but unfortunately the Civil Partnership ceremonies would only be available from November 05 at the earliest. Apparently the GRO needs to reorganise centrally to accommodate the new arrangements and various changes to financial & tax law need to be made.

I’m sure that many long-term campaigners in the UK and abroad will tell me that a year is nothing in the context of the overall struggle and I take their point — but I’m still quite sad to have to delay again.