We interrupt this “Meri-really-ought-to-be-studying” break for a brief message:

My project is all about flexible planning. I’m looking at project planning techniques and tools, with a view to producing some software that will help create plans that help you react to change, without having to spend hours and hours redoing a Gantt chart. As part of this I’m doing some research into the plans that people _really_ use when doing a project.

This is where I need your help: Please can you share any of the real project plans you use (this might be a spreadsheet, a diagram, a list, maybe even one of those Gantt charts!) so I can look at the common facets they portray and better ways of constructing such plans. If you have it in electronic format please email to: project AT meriwilliams DOT com. I promise to respect any confidentiality and seek permission before including anything but the general structure in my dissertation. The real things that people use I think are the best starting point for this kind of research.

Thanks, everyone!