Well, I know I said I was going to go with Woody, but when I got it all working and started using it I remembered just how __old__ most of the stuff in that release is (testing will probably become stable fairly soon now anyway, so it really must be due an update given the length of Debian cycle) and decided that I’d upgrade from Woody to Sarge.

There were a couple of advantages to this approach:

  1. Woody was more likely to have the (older) stuff needed for hardware support etc and so installed a bit easier
  2. Woody’s tasksel still has the “laptop” task and that installed a bunch of stuff in one shot that I would have had to track down individually otherwise
  3. Upgrading was really easy (although obviously took quite a while to do over the ‘net)
  4. I now have much more incentive to actually compile my own kernel, since when you do a dist-upgrade pretty much everything but the kernel is updated

In terms of what I actually did, there’s a nice tutorial of how to upgrade between releases here. The one thing I’d say is check that the changes are actually happening in your sources.list as you go else you might waste time downloading what you don’t need 😉