Having sorted out all the hardware, decided to try and install Debian Sarge on my Thinkpad 570. First off, I was really impressed by the new Debian Installer. I only needed to cut 3 floppies (one boot, one root and one for the net drivers) and once it had started it manage to fix up the PCMCIA LAN card with no worries. It downloaded the rest of the base system and restarted.

This was when I started to hit problems. Whenever the laptop restarted itself (or I restarted it using Alt-Ctrl-Del) it failed to come back up again … couldn’t mount the hard drive. Power-cycling fixed the issue, so I assume it’s something like APM is missing from the kernel. I toyed with compiling a new kernel (and found a nice quick kernel tut), but tried to run Tasksel first to see if I could get the graphical environment up and running. Tasksel runs, but when you ask it to install a graphical environment it kicks up a fuss and claims it can’t install half of KDE.

That — and the fact that the Tasksel menu under Testing doesn’t appear to have the “Laptop” menu option anymore — made the decision. I’m going to try and install Woody for now instead. Hopefully that will have a bit more of the support needed than Testing, which is understandably still work in progress 😉