As previously mentioned, I’m trying to venture into mobile Linux. After Laptopshop sold me the bogus base station which didn’t have CD or FDD, I ended up wandering around eBay in search of a CD drive that would fit it.

Then of course once I’d procured one, I realise it was too new (i.e. the firmware needed updating) and so needed a floppy drive (to boot from in order to update the CD firmware). So more eBaying ensued and now I’m finally in a position to get the floppy & CD working and to load Linux on the thing. All this hoo-ha is necessary because the 570 is too old to have integrated ethernet and so can’t boot off a network.

The real plus of the whole experience, though, is that I now know a great deal more about this little laptop than I ever did previously. I’ve even managed to navigate IBM’s atrocious website to find the various bits of information I need. (Re the website, it’s only really bad if you’re looking for support info about older models as I was, otherwise it’s not too bad 😉 ) And because I’m a kindly soul (and wouldn’t remember myself if I didn’t blog it), I’m going to post the relevant info here:

Firstly, the precis. The IBM Thinkpad 570 takes the following:

  • Floppy Disk Drives: Teac (FRU 05K8989) or Sony (FRU 05K8990); it’s shipped with a Sony FRU 05K8973
  • Floppy Drive Cable: FRU 05K2844
  • Ultrabase: P/N 12P4018, FRU 12P4017. In theory this can take a CD drive (or similar) in its UltraSlimBay on the left and a FDD or extra battery on the right

Secondly, here are all the info links that you might have to trawl the IBM website and other places for: