Everyone else is getting better but I’m still rather ill. The worst is being not so ill that I have to stay in bed all day, but not well enough to manage to concentrate for more than a few minutes. So I’m terminally bored and unable to get any work done. Since the others are all better, I also have no opponents to play Risk or Monopoly with and I think I’ve exhausted my Flash games repertoire for now.

So I decided to try find a computer version of Risk, for Linux. So far I’ve come up with the following:

  • TEG — this appears to be risk-like and I’ve managed to install it, but unfortunately the help files won’t display, there doesn’t seem to be an online copy and I can’t figure out how to start a local (vs AI) game
  • There’s also a Java version JTeg, but I evidently have too old/new a version of Java on my system as it won’t start properly
  • Wordog looks interesting but again I can’t get it to play and don’t have the concentration span needed to RTFM
  • XFRisk I have managed to get running, but it isn’t particularly happy for some reason … it won’t start games properly even when the AI players are fired up etc. Possibly some sort of incompatibility with my version of X or something

So essentially I’ve had no luck but I’ve amused myself trying for the past few hours and maybe have a project to do when I eventually get some free time — a PyRisk implementation! In the meantime, Any suggestions welcome! I am off to watch crap Sat night telly for now tho.